Electrical Engineers & Contractor Since 1935
Quality Management
It is our commitment to ensure that all awarded contracts are properly planned and executed from time to time and the contracts are subject to adequate quality and safety control in order to provide our clients the best possible services.
Health and Safety
Health and Safety are always our core value in our organization.It is our company policy to perform work in a safety practical manner throughout the operation,and of damage to property and reduction of waste.Consistent with safe industry practices and procedures,detailed Health and Safety Plan,Method Statements,as well as the careful adherence to any necesary statutory commitment that may apply.
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Plan(QAP) is implement throughout our projects to ensure that awarded contracts are effectively planned,monitored and controlled thus reducing non conformance and achieving contract completion timescales.Avoid wasting value time and money,we will give you the quality workmanship you expect.
Built on a strong foundation of experience gained from our long history in the market.Whether you are a manufacturer,developer or building contractor,we are experienced in collaborative partnership.We can work with you to find the best approach to suit your specific needs.
ISO 9001
Accreditation to this standard ensures our company management and operation are comply to International standard requirements of quality assurance scheme and regularly reviewd and improve the rigors of best practice.
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